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Do I really need a website for my small business?

Only if you want to get more work and grow your business. Having an online presence is like having offices/shops in different locations, but without the huge expense that comes with renting the space and paying for employees.

A website on it’s own would not be very effective, but I use my expertise to optimize it and grow it month by month. The truth is, most people search online before making a purchase, or choosing a service. Regardless of industry, I can help your business grab a share of this massive internet audience.

Below is one of my business websites that I started back in Jan 2019. The first year was quite slow, but still managed to attract some online visitors. I kept making small tweaks and during the second year, my website started taking off and getting more and more orders. 

small business website SEO in Birmingham UK

I am selling custom painted portraits on this very small website. I know, very random. But If you are curious to see the above website, visit

Do you have any other examples of your work?

Here’s a few examples of websites that I’ve built for my clients. Feel free to click on each image to visit the websites.

  1. Skin IQ Aesthetics Clinic in Birmingham, UK

small business website design birmingham

  2. Sunny Plastic Recycling in Birmingham, UK

small business web design in birmingham uk

3. Home Repairs & Handyman in New Braunfels, TX

small business website design UK

What do you need to get started?

Not much. After I learn about the services you provide I can do my own research and take it from there. Generally:

  • The type of website that you want: Simple / Online Booking / E-commerce. 
  • Description of your business in your own words.
  • Description of your services or products offered.
  • Any photos that you took of your services or products.

Don’t worry if you don’t have some or any of these ready. I do my own research on your industry and can help you with great images and content for your new website and google listing.

How much do you charge for Web Design?

I cater to small business owners who have no time, or desire to mess around with web design and the management side of it.

So I created one simple -results driven- price package.


This includes:

  • Design or re-design your custom website
  • Set up your Google My Business listing
  • I charge one month in advance (£100) before working on these, to ensure that you are serious.
  • I will manage both your website and google listing on an ongoing basis to make sure that they start bringing you calls and messages. 
  • Cancel anytime / No contracts

There are no hidden costs, as I handle everything else from my end (domain name, hosting, etc).

Extras – for faster growth

You can add these onto your plan at any time.

  • Facebook Page Management £50/mo
  • Local Business Directories £50/mo

For more information on pricing, visit the Prices page.

What is a Google My Business listing?

This is not your website, but it adds a LOT of value to your website. Google listing management is included in your £100/month plan.

You’ve definitely seen one before. It’s a google property that shows up at the top of search results when you search for a local service. (just below the map)

For example: when I search for the term “Plumber” in my area, this is what shows up: These results are different depending on where you search from. I can guarantee that these guys are getting rewarded with lots of clients for being up there. 

plumber website google my business listing birmingham

How do I know that a Google listing is powerful? 

From experience. Have a look at the Google listing dashboard of one of my clients. Keep in mind that he sells services worth up to £1000.

  • 1.9k views in search (1 month)
  • 77 website visits (1 month)
  • 8 calls + messages (1 month)

google my business listing birmingham dashboard

Keep in mind that these results are not instant and a lot of work goes into managing and growing a Google My Business listing. It took me a lot of trial and error in order to figure out what Google likes and now I can implement that into your business listing.

What happens if I stop the payments in future?

I can understand that you or your business circumstances might change, so there won’t be any hard feelings. If you wish to stop the monthly management payments, I will stop working on your website, Google listing and any other extras.

Everything that I’ve built up to that point will stay as it is for an indefinite period of time.

Can you design any type of company website?

I can re-design, build from scratch and manage any type of business website, regardless of your industry.

WEBSITE REDESIGN: If you already have a website, but you’re not happy with it, then I can freshen it up and manage it for you.

SIMPLE: Construction, Tradesmen, Portfolio, Garage, Broker, Estate Agent, Photographer, Artist Portfolio, Solicitor, Model, Financial Advisor, Doctor, Accountant, Online Tutor, Dry Cleaner, Personal Trainer, DJ, Computer Repair, Appliance Repair, Travel Agent, Translator, Car Showroom and more.

AUTOMATIC BOOKING: (Allow your clients to book, reschedule, cancel and pay for appointments online, even if you have multiple staff members) Beauty Salon, Barber, Hotel, Events & Planning, Driving School and any other appointment booking services.

E-COMMERCE: (Sell products or services online) Takeaway, Online Shop

For larger websites (more than 10 products or services) the monthly management price will be slightly higher. Get in touch and I will let you know what to expect.

When do I see results? eg. calls, emails, customers

There is no definitive answer I’m afraid. It is all dependent on industry, the competition online, but also your service offering and prices.

I’ve had clients receiving calls within a week (very few of their competitors were online) and I’ve also had clients who had to be more patient and trust the process for a few months before seeing results. (higher competition online)

Just know that I will always be in the background, making small tweaks and updates. Once search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) start to recognize and validate your small business website, it will start suggesting it more and more to people that are looking for your type of services.

Do I have to do anything to maintain the website?

I treat this as a partnership where we both benefit. You get to grow your business and I get paid a small fee to do it. 

Here’s what you need to do

  • Provide the best service to your growing customer base. 
  • Optionally, send me offers, updates, photos or any other business related information that you want people to see.

Here’s what I will do

  • Build a modern, bespoke website for you.
  • Set up and optimize Google My Business listing.
  • Manage both of these with regular tweaks and updates in order to grow you online presence.
  • Any other optional extras such as managing your Facebook Page, or other Business Directories.

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