Laurentiu bradea, LAUR, seo, website designer in Birmingham uk

Meet the face behind your website. I’ve been involved with art and design since my childhood. Anything from drawing cartoons, doodling strange things, designing cars and graphics.

While in University, I’ve built my first portfolio website showcasing my Automotive Designs (2013).

Since then I’ve developed websites for my various online ventures. Some have failed, while some are generating an income, but I’ve learnt a thing or two in the process.

Laurentiu Bradea (Laur)

I’m not just a web designer, but also a business owner

I can help you get online Quickly and Affordably

builder pest control buisiness website design in west midlands, birmingham uk
builder, electrician business website birmingham uk west midlands

Over the years I’ve helped numerous clients improve their business visibility online and in the local search results.

Launching and growing my small business from 0 made me realize the true importance of an online presence.

I’ve also learnt that websites on their own are pretty useless and won’t show up in search engines (like Google & Bing) unless they get authority and trust.

ANALOGY: Google is like a coach who already has a great football team (all the other websites), so naturally when you show up out of nowhere as a new player, the coach will be hesitant to put you on the team. You must prove yourself by being skilled, consistent and show improvement.

So I’ve had to consistently work on my small business websites: maintenance, optimization, constant tweaks, link with other directories / social media. Growing my own websites over time is incredibly satisfying, but there’s a limit to how many businesses of my own I can run efficiently. So I decided to help other small to medium business owners grow their online presence.


Google loves and rewards hard work a.k.a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

traffic evolution of a business website that I've built in Birmingham UK, West Midlands

That is a screenshot of web traffic to one of my client’s business website

Ask any web design company about SEO and they will probably start to get very technical. I like to keep it simple. It’s useless building a gorgeous website if it’s not optimized to be found online by potential customers.

In the above case I’ve started the Web development for a new company in Birmingham and had their website live at the beginning of February 2020. It was a startup, so they had no customer base, relying heavily on organic traffic and online searches. 

As you can see, the traffic to their responsive website is consistent and rising, bringing in new customers without much effort on the owner’s side. Since I started managing his online presence, his revenue grew by tens of thousands of pounds. All he has to worry about is providing his best quality service.

This is the power of introducing your business to the online world. There is limitless growth potential online, unless you don’t want any more customers.

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